Week Notes 2021-09

  • Above, one of my favourite music videos of 2021, so far. Good track too. Can’t beat Stones Throw.
  • The New York Times asks Is This the End of French Intellectual Life?. And that’s not just another lament for the loss of French ‘left bank’ culture, it’s a really interesting look at what ‘the left’ means today in the face of “a more ideological, more identity-focused model imported from the United States”.
  • That’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately, especially as we just finished watching Adam Curtis’ Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.
  • Probably shouldn’t have done that and reread Pirsig’s Lila in the same few weeks. 🤯
  • I like Alan Jacob’s newsletter Snakes & Ladders (“A weekly(ish) look at some of the ups and downs of art and culture”), but the most recent issue (simply titled ‘Dogs’) really got me:

Since Malcolm died, last week, I am able to go anywhere in my house at any time. And that makes me sad. Being faithfully present to one another is a discipline, but it’s a discipline that grows into a habit, and a habit that grows into a comfort. The freedom I’m experiencing right now seems to me to have been bought at too great a price. I preferred my limits, the limits set upon me by my affection for Malcolm and my desire to repay him, as best I could, for what he had so constantly offered me for nearly fourteen wonderful years.

  • Second bit of music for the week (very different to Mndsgn though) this is the wonderful Sam Prekop from Chicago:

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