Author: hinchcliffe

Consumed the week of 11 June (and the week before that), 2018

Had a couple of weeks off updating this blog. It was my birthday, so we took a trip to New York (Manhattan and upstate, up the Hudson river). In that time I read Some Hope and Mother’s Milk, the third and fourth Patrick Melrose novels (and watched the first three episodes of the TV adaptation, […]

Consumed the week of 21 May, 2018

Above, the genius that is Stephen King (and yeah, ‘genius’ is the right word, if you disagree then we can’t be friends) talking to Stephen Colbert about Trump and his new book (which I have lined up, right after the May installment of A Dance to the Music of Time). The The Dead Zone reference […]

Consumed the week of 14 May, 2018

Above, a beautiful short film featuring Milton ‘I ♥ NY’ Glaser talking about that city now and then (so much of this could easily be applied to London). The best thing I’ve read this week I think: The Cosmonaut’s Glove by Matte Locke, an article about class, fathers, sons, work and space. It’s great. A […]

Consumed the week of 7 May, 2018

No matter what your thoughts are about the so-called Intellectual Dark Web, you should read the NY Times article that has inflamed the debate. Then you should read Alice Dreger’s article about why she asked to be left out of the article. She nails the major problem at the heart of the whole IDW thing, […]

**Consumed the week of 30 April, 2018

Above, the incredibly dense video for Donald ‘Childish Gambino’ Glover’s new single This is America. I mentioned a few weeks back I was reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Michelle McNamara’s brilliant tale of the hunt for the Golden State Killer. Well, they found him! Jordan Gorostiza lived down the road from Joseph James […]

Consumed the week of 23 April, 2018

This article from the BBC reports on studies which seem to show that the ‘online echo chamber’ doesn’t exist to the extent that we thought it did. And, even more interestingly, when people are exposed to viewpoints that differ from their own they become more, not less, entrenched in their positions. A long and exhaustive […]

Consumed the week of 16 April, 2018

After seeing and loving A Quiet Place last week, it was great to watch this Notes on a Scene video featuring John Krasinski breaking down the Monopoly scene from the film. This is a very useful breakdown of all the fibs, spins and slights Zuckerberg used during his 10 hours in front of the Senate. […]

Consumed the week of 9 April, 2018

I read two very convincing and optimistic article about the potential second coming of RSS this week. This one from Wired, and this one from TechCrunch. Design Observer is not the place you’d expect to find a moving article about OCD and anxiety. But it’s great and makes you think about the disease in a […]

Consumed the week of 26 March, 2018

Above: This look behind the scenes of Spike Jonze’s Apple ad is almost good as the ad itself. From the Skype audition to the levers that move the apartment walls and tables. Genius. How London’s Oldest Family-Run Café Beat Gentrification is a great read from Esquire about E Pellicci over in Bethnal Green. The Guardian […]

Consumed the week of 19 March, 2018

Above: this weird but beautiful Bafta-nominated animation by Will Anderson, tells the struggle of a looping, animated GIF. Talking of weird and beautiful, this is a rather nice appreciation of David Lynch by Michael Chabon, in the Paris Review. Suede’s eponymous debut album holds a massive place in my heart. It’s definitely one of my […]