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Week Notes 2021-09

Above, one of my favourite music videos of 2021, so far. Good track too. Can’t beat Stones Throw. The New York Times asks Is This the End of French Intellectual Life?. And that’s not just another lament for the loss of French ‘left bank’ culture, it’s a really interesting look at what ‘the left’ means […]

Week Notes 2021-08

Above, Stanley Tucci travels around Italy, eating great food, drinking lovely things, and generally looking cool; while also seeming a thoroughly nice bloke. We watched the first episode of this this week, and now I want to be Stanley Tucci when I grow up. Drive & Listen has been a great mood-saver this week. I […]

Week Notes 2021-07

Next week I’ll do a full week for the agency I work at (I’ve actually got a big pitch on the Friday). After that, I’m still working there, but I’m reducing my hours right down and spending the majority of my time getting some other projects off the ground. I won’t go into loads of […]

Week Notes 2021-06

Above, the trailer for the new Adam Curtis series. I know, Curtis can sometimes be criticised for being more style than substance; but damn it if I don’t love that style. It’s just nice to lose yourself in that heady mix for an hour or so. Even if afterwards you’re not quite sure what you’ve […]

Week Notes 2021-05

Above, Werner Herzog watches skateboarding videos. I missed last week’s Week Notes because we’ve had some family things going on (made worse with the Covid restrictions, obviously). As a result I’ve not done a lot of laughing recently, but this video brought a big genuine smile to my face. Thanks Werner, I can always count […]

Week Notes 2021-04

Above: Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian’s film reviewer) reviews Netflix’s Pretend It’s A City. Somehow this series completely passed me by until a few friends recommended it to me which doesn’t say a lot for Netflix’s algorithm. I love Fran Lebowitz, documentaries, New York and Martin Scorsese. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a great […]

Week Notes 2021-03

My reading continues apace. This week I finished The Streets of Laredo and now I’m well into Duncan The Wonder Dog, a doorstep of a graphic novel that my brother bought me for Christmas. It’s not nearly as lighthearted as the title might have you believe. Here’s the blurb: “What if animals could talk? Would […]

Week Notes 2021-02

There hasn’t been much time for doing much other than work this past week. I have managed to keep my reading rate up. Did I mention I’m trying to read around a book a week this year? Last year I struggled to read much at all, and I know I feel better when I read […]

Week Notes 2021-01

Above: The Gift of Room Tone by Criterion. I love it when companies take ‘throwaway’ material like this and turn it onto something genuinely sweet and watchable. I spent New Year’s Day finishing How to Write an Autobiographical Novel: Essays by Alexander Chee. A rather beautiful and sad way to end 2020/see in 2021. Now […]

Week Notes 2020-33

Above: Ed Wood meets Orson Welles. I looked this up this week because it got a mention on the Mark Kermode film podcast (the Citizen Kane episode, obviously). I love the film Ed Wood, even the Johnny Depp of 2020 cannot ruin this film for me. Also, that last line is really what I needed […]