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Consumed the week of 9 April, 2018

I read two very convincing and optimistic article about the potential second coming of RSS this week. This one from Wired, and this one from TechCrunch. Design Observer is not the place you’d expect to find a moving article about OCD and anxiety. But it’s great and makes you think about the disease in a […]

Consumed the week of 26 March, 2018

Above: This look behind the scenes of Spike Jonze’s Apple ad is almost good as the ad itself. From the Skype audition to the levers that move the apartment walls and tables. Genius. How London’s Oldest Family-Run Café Beat Gentrification is a great read from Esquire about E Pellicci over in Bethnal Green. The Guardian […]

Consumed the week of 19 March, 2018

Above: this weird but beautiful Bafta-nominated animation by Will Anderson, tells the struggle of a looping, animated GIF. Talking of weird and beautiful, this is a rather nice appreciation of David Lynch by Michael Chabon, in the Paris Review. Suede’s eponymous debut album holds a massive place in my heart. It’s definitely one of my […]

Consumed the week of 12 March, 2018

Above, a teaser for the new Gary ‘Helvetica’ Hustwit film about Dieter Rams. Best read this week: Mr. Plow at 25: How the ‘Simpsons’ Classic Pushed New Boundaries and Helped Cement the Show’s Legacy. Who knew it contained a nod to William Friedkin? I don’t live in Chicago (or New York), but articles like this […]

Consumed the week of 5 March, 2018

Above, the exquisite new Apple ad by Spike Jonze. Makes me want to dig out my The Work Of Director Spike Jonze DVD. “…if technology is a place where we live, a place that we carry around with us, shouldn’t we choose to be in lively and nourishing digital environments? This reasoning should be enough […]

Consumed the week of 26 February, 2018

Image above from Francis Lee’s remarkable ‘males in the Dales’ film God’s Own Country. Beautiful. Talking of film, this short article on what Netflix’s world domination plans means for the world of cinema is a little frightening. Staying with movies (kind of), the article everyone seems to have read this week: What Ever Happened to […]

Consumed the week of 19 February, 2018

Image above from the production of Julius Caesar at the Bridge Theatre. Took my mum and dad to see it this past week and we all loved it. Get to it if you can. Following the IA post from last week, this interview with Jason Kottke serves as another rallying call for a new wave […]

Consumed the week of 12 February, 2018

Image above taken from this article about a recently discovered treasure trove of 1960s photos of London’s East End. They’re being exhibited at Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives until 5 May. This blog post from iA Writer (the app I’m using to write this very blog post) says an awful lot of things […]

Consumed the week of 5 February, 2018

Atlanta season 2! Articles read this week: 36 Things We Learned from David Lowery’s ‘A Ghost Story’ Commentary’. I haven’t bought a DVD in year, but hopefully I can download the commentary version of my favourite film of last year. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The answer doesn’t even seem to be in dispute. This […]

Consumed the week of 29 January, 2018

Read this week: Send the Barbarian in First is a rather beautifully written tribute to Dungeons and Dragons (and its power to bring generations together) by George Murray. As someone who played D&D through his early teens (normally in a vacant geography classroom, at lunchtimes) it made me very nostalgic indeed. The rest of the […]