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Consumed the week of April 8, 2019

This week has mostly been about this weekend, and three very different events. The first was a trip to Alexandra Palace on Friday night to see the amazing Robyn. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and Robyn didn’t disappoint. In fact she exceeded expectations. Here’s a clip from Twitter of me, plus […]

Consumed the weeks of 18 March and 25 April

Been stuck in a slight rut recently, that’s why no week notes last week. I finished the book I was reading: The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge and even though I quite enjoyed the first 100 pages, it was a slog to get to the finish and there’s nothing like a dispiriting read to […]

Consumed the week of 18 March, 2019

10am @vampireweekend gigs 😍 at @Islington_AH! — O2 Academy Brixton (@O2academybrix) March 23, 2019 Definitely my highlight of the week was the Vampire Weekend ‘breakfast gig’ at 10am Saturday morning at Islington Assembly Hall. I was pretty hungover from the end of a slightly rough work week, but the gig was tremendous. Here they […]

Consumed the week of 4 and 11 of March, 2019

Above: ‘Funny video of high school student calling his teachers by their first names’. That’s all you need to know really. I missed last week just because I had a bunch of stuff on and didn’t have a lot of time to get any of this down. My wife was away in the US with […]

Consumed the week of 25 February, 2019

I am sitting here in my living room, at the end of a week that began with temperatures in the 20s and with people lounging around outside, in their shirt sleeves… and right now all I can hear is the rain lashing against our window and what sounds like a nascent hurricane slipping under the […]

Consumed the week of 18 February, 2019

Above, Justin K. Thompson, the production designer on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse talks about the experience of creating the film at the brilliant The Story conference this week. The Story is pretty much the only conference I try and attend every year, and as this year was the 10th anniversary there was no way I […]

Consumed the week of 11 February, 2019

This week I drank a few pints of white chocolate, strawberry gelato beer (which also includes chilli and basil) and it was actually really good. I spent the weekend up in Manchester (Stockport, actually) which gave me the chance to draw monster comics with my nephew (I expect my creation, Cheesezilla to be optioned by […]

Consumed the week of 4 February, 2019

Above is Purl, a new animated short from Pixar about a ball of wool that starts a new job at B.R.O. Capital and “quickly feels out of place among all the men in suits”. Talking of childish delights… Cookie Monster did a Reddit AMA this week, and it was predictably brilliant. Kottke has a great […]

Consumed the week of 28 January, 2019

Above, the beautiful “10-by-20-foot oil painting of an elaborately coifed and dressed 17th-century marquis and assorted courtiers entering the city of Jerusalem,” discovered while they were preparing the new Oscar de la Renta boutique in Paris. You can read the full story of how they found it and what’s going to happend to it over […]

Consumed the week of 21 January, 2019

Above, the brilliant Phoebe Waller Bridge answers Vogue’s 73 questions. Murder Murder Hair! Last year I averaged one book a week. So far this year I’ve averaged one a month. That’s entirely down to Charlis Palliser’s The Quincunx, a 1,200 page mid-nineteenth-century “sensation novel” that was actually published in the late 1980s. I heard about […]