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Consumed the week of 4 November, 2019

view — Jack Stauber (@JackStauber) October 18, 2019 My favourite long read of the week was probably After the Fall of the Glossy Magazine, What’s Left of Condé Nast?, just because it’s a proper nerdy deep dive into how journalism is working (or at least trying to work) in the Internet age. Don’t Play […]

Consumed the weeks of 21 and 28 October

I’m back from Orlando, just getting over the jet leg as well as a bit of a head cold. I could write a lot about how strange Orlando is. Although I really enjoyed Universal Studios (especially the Halloween Horror night we went to there), it’s very peculiar to be in a different country for a […]

Consumed the weeks of 7 and 14 October.

Last weekend I was in Spain with work, this weekend I fly to Orlando with my wife’s family, so here’s a quick film and TV roundup before I go away and read all those articles I have saved up. This week another adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Watchmen hits our (ok, America’s screens) in the […]

Consumed the week of 9 September, 2019

Above, Sam Gainsborough makes William Blake’s paintings come alive over London buildings to mark the opening of the new Tate exhibition. Also from Vimeo: this brilliant little documentary on New York Sanitation worker, Nelson Molina who has collected over 45,000 items from the stuff that’s thrown away on his route in East Harlem and catalogued […]

Consumed the week of 2 September, 2019

This famous photo of two people wrapped up in a duvet in the middle of Woodstock was taken by the amazingly-named Burk Uzzle. Longreads interviewed him about his life, his work and that particular image. I will read anything about Charles Schulz, so this article that asks Did Schulz Really Write ‘Peanuts’ for Kids? made […]

Consumed the week of 26 August, 2019

I’m still not reading a lot at the moment. Been a few weeks now where I’ve spent more time listening to music and watching films than I have reading articles or books. I did finish The Lost Man, by Jane Harper who also wrote another Australian outback thriller The Dry (which I read last year). […]

Consumed the weeks of 12 and 19 August, 2019

I’ve watched quite a few old films recently. Nina was away in New York with work for a week, but before she went we had a cinema date to go and see Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, at the Everyman in Crystal Palace. Definitely not Tarantino’s best (as I’ve heard a few people say) […]

Consumed the month of July (and a bit of August), 2019

View this post on Instagram Dance yourself clean. #despacio #2manydjs #southbank #london A post shared by Oliver Müller (@muller4448) on Aug 10, 2019 at 7:00pm PDT I took a month off updating the blog. I didn’t really mean to, but a trip up to Manchester for a friend’s 40th, plus a trip to Spain to […]

Consumed the week of 8 July, 2019

Loads to get through this week so let’s dive right in… That video above is from the YouTube channel Veratisium and it goes into brilliant detail about how YouTube works. Fascinating stuff. Coincidentally, the sam day I watched that, I also listened to the most recent episode of Reply All, which also looks at YouTube’s […]