Week notes 2020-04

It has been a relatively hard week this week. The week started on Monday morning, just after 4am, when I was woken by the sound of barking and whining from the kitchen, and came downstairs to find Buster had…. well his new diet wasn’t agreeing with him, let’s just leave it at that. Two days […]

Week notes 2020-03

View this post on Instagram Say hello to Buster. He’s a rescue dog all the way from Romania who made his way to South East London this past weekend. He’s settling in nicely and yeah we’re both totally besotted. 🐕 A post shared by Rob Hinchcliffe (@hinchcliffe) on Jan 14, 2020 at 11:43am PST That’s […]

Week notes 2020-02

We got a dog this week! Actually we’ve been looking to adopt a rescue dog for over a year now, but it’s not the easiest of processes. But, after a few false starts, we finally found Buster, a six-year-old mixed breed dog from the streets of Romania. Buster was delivered to our door at 4:30 […]

Consumed the week of 9 December, 2019

What to say about this week? How about I let William Gibson say it instead. There was a brilliant profile of the author in the New Yorker this past week, some of it commenting on his amazing ability to create ficton that takes the present’s most ‘fucked up’ qualities into fascinating and sometimes terrifying areas: […]

Consumed the week of 2 December, 2019

A few music-related things to kick off this week. First, one of my all-time favourite artist, DJ Shadow has a new album out so he’s being doing the rounds, talking to Billboard about the Universal Music Fire Losses and Why It’s a ‘Pathetic Age’, and to The Ringer about why he’s still breaking new ground. […]

Consumed the week of 4 November, 2019

view — Jack Stauber (@JackStauber) October 18, 2019 My favourite long read of the week was probably After the Fall of the Glossy Magazine, What’s Left of Condé Nast?, just because it’s a proper nerdy deep dive into how journalism is working (or at least trying to work) in the Internet age. Don’t Play […]

Consumed the weeks of 21 and 28 October

I’m back from Orlando, just getting over the jet leg as well as a bit of a head cold. I could write a lot about how strange Orlando is. Although I really enjoyed Universal Studios (especially the Halloween Horror night we went to there), it’s very peculiar to be in a different country for a […]

Consumed the weeks of 7 and 14 October.

Last weekend I was in Spain with work, this weekend I fly to Orlando with my wife’s family, so here’s a quick film and TV roundup before I go away and read all those articles I have saved up. This week another adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Watchmen hits our (ok, America’s screens) in the […]

Consumed the week of 9 September, 2019

Above, Sam Gainsborough makes William Blake’s paintings come alive over London buildings to mark the opening of the new Tate exhibition. Also from Vimeo: this brilliant little documentary on New York Sanitation worker, Nelson Molina who has collected over 45,000 items from the stuff that’s thrown away on his route in East Harlem and catalogued […]