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Consumed the week of 19 March, 2018

Above: this weird but beautiful Bafta-nominated animation by Will Anderson, tells the struggle of a looping, animated GIF. Talking of weird and beautiful, this is a rather nice appreciation of David Lynch by Michael Chabon, in the Paris Review. Suede’s eponymous debut album holds a massive place in my heart. It’s definitely one of my […]

Consumed the week of 15 January, 2018

The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought is a well-written, enlightening long read from Bloomberg. But after the Silicon Valley orgy article last week, I think I’ve hit my ‘tech bro’ long read limit. Which meant I couldn’t get to the end of The New Yorker’s Sam Altman’s […]

Consumed in December

Not posted for a while because I went on a much-needed holiday. But I’m back for one more 2017 post. Here we go… Image above from Dangerous Minds, more information on it over there. I’ve been trying to decide whether I can justify spending £50 on The Thing boardgame. Gets a great review from AV […]

What’s scarier than real ghosts?

An article from (shiver) the Telegraph’s property section about London’s ‘ghost signs’ and Sam Roberts, the man who ‘hunts for them’: With a background in advertising, working at big firms and on accounts such as Tesco, Roberts became interested in the history of advertising outdoors, and the ethical issues it raises. Big billboards, he says, […]