Week notes 2020-14

Above, my favourite lockdown tweet so far. Hell, it might even my favourite tweet ever! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted an update here. Not sure why that is really. I think it might have something to do with the nice weather, and the garden… and maybe also something to do […]

Consumed the week of 25 November, 2019

I missed an update last week, but I have a good excuse: we were in Berlin with a couple of friends of ours. We drank beer, ate bratwurst and beetroot and potatoes, went record shpping, tried out the electric scooters and generally had a great time. This week, it was back to earth with a […]

Consumed the week of 24 June, 2019

Above, the trailer for Jay Myself, a documentary about the photographer Jay Maisel and specifically his move out of his 35,000 square-foot, 100-year-old landmark building in Manhattan. I will eat this up with a giant spoon. My recommended long read this week is the same long read everyone else has been linking to this week: […]

Consumed week of 8 October, 2018

Above, an image from Maisie Marshall’s photo series on the world of British rodeo. I don’t track my TV consumption on here (just because there’s quite a bit of it, and I’m not Stephen Soderbergh) but recently I”ve really enjoyed Better Call Saul and Lodge 49. Here’s an article from the Guardian on why Better […]

Consumed the week of 6 August

Above, Joe Manganiello and Stephen Colbert discuss ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ for nine minutes on late night TV. Now, that’s television! My favourite long read of the week by quite a margin: Every Mission is a Suicide Mission, the story of a pro-level Galaga tournament. Very welcome echoes of King of Kong. Coming in second, is […]

Consumed the week of 9 July

Above, the brilliant video for Max Richter’s rereleased On The Nature Of Daylight starring Elisabeth Moss, who can do more with her eyes the most people can do with their entire body. Most potentially controversial long read of the week: In Defence of Men from the Spiked ‘sex special’ (tears shreds from Robert Web’s recent […]

Consumed the week of 21 May, 2018

Above, the genius that is Stephen King (and yeah, ‘genius’ is the right word, if you disagree then we can’t be friends) talking to Stephen Colbert about Trump and his new book (which I have lined up, right after the May installment of A Dance to the Music of Time). The The Dead Zone reference […]

Consumed the week of 19 March, 2018

Above: this weird but beautiful Bafta-nominated animation by Will Anderson, tells the struggle of a looping, animated GIF. Talking of weird and beautiful, this is a rather nice appreciation of David Lynch by Michael Chabon, in the Paris Review. Suede’s eponymous debut album holds a massive place in my heart. It’s definitely one of my […]

Consumed the week of 15 January, 2018

The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought is a well-written, enlightening long read from Bloomberg. But after the Silicon Valley orgy article last week, I think I’ve hit my ‘tech bro’ long read limit. Which meant I couldn’t get to the end of The New Yorker’s Sam Altman’s […]