Week notes 2020-21

Have you watched this amazing, 15 minute documentary on YouTube yet? It’s great stuff (and, as with any great documentary, this is not about finding aliens). And talking of short documentaries: I finally managed to work out how to hack my way around the fact we in the UK aren’t to allowed to subscribe to […]

Week notes 2020-20

Didn’t post last week because we were in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk, getting a bit of much-needed time away, out of the house. There was a hot tub, pizza, barbecue, fish and chips on the beach, and chasing rabbits in fields at sunset (Buster, not me). It was great. This week we watched […]

Week notes 2020-19

Of course self-control is important, but research on self-regulation should pay just as much attention to hedonism, or short-term pleasure.” That’s because Bernecker’s new research shows that people’s capacity to experience pleasure or enjoyment contributes at least as much to a happy and satisfied life as successful self-control. https://www.media.uzh.ch/en/Press-Releases/2020/Hedonism.html Above, a piece of advice that […]

Week notes 2020-18

Thursday night was Wingspan night! And, boy, that was fun. We played it twice through and both times it took a bit longer than it should have. The first time because the rules take some getting used to; the second time… well, we were drunk. I can’t wait to play it again, just to start […]

Week notes 2020-17

Turns out I’ve been averaging one of these posts every two weeks. I’m not sure why I get so frantic about not posting here regularly. or why I get so concerned about posting the ‘right’ things. Surely I get to say what’s ‘right’ and what’s not. You’d think so wouldn’t you? Since we last ‘spoke’ […]

Week notes 2020-16

Above, David Lynch takes a break from reporting on the weather to explain his Incredible Checking Stick. And he’s right, wood is such a blessing for humanity. The last line of this video will keep me smiling for weeks. I don’t post a lot of work-related ‘strategy’ stuff here in my Week Notes, but this […]

Week notes 2020-15

It’s been a while since updated my WeekNotes. A whole month in fact. I think that’s because I was focused on getting my lockdown head straight and then just fell out the habit a little bit. I think I went through a small dip in lockdown mood, with a few work things getting me down […]

Week notes 2020-14

Above, my favourite lockdown tweet so far. Hell, it might even my favourite tweet ever! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted an update here. Not sure why that is really. I think it might have something to do with the nice weather, and the garden… and maybe also something to do […]

Week notes 2020-13

I’m on the sofa, my Google Pixelbook on my lap, about to write this post, and Buster lies down on the rug at my feet and just lays his head on my right foot. It’s warm, it’s furry and it is, at this very moment, perfect. I can be locked down with this guy (and […]

Week notes 2020-12

That’s David Hockney and his dog, Ruby, sat in his garden in Normandy where he’s been painting the blossom in his back garden and dispensing wisdom like this: “We have lost touch with nature rather foolishly as we are a part of it, not outside it. This will in time be over and then what? […]

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